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Warranties and how they apply to the consumer:

Heating & cooling systems are rather complex mechanical machines that contain moving parts. They are also under constant pressure from the refrigerant inside. A system life varies in our area due to salt laden air. A system exposed outside may only last 5 to 10 years near a body of salt water. Good warranty coverage is very important.

Heating and cooling systems are coming with longer standard warranties. Some cover parts or parts and labor and can last for, ten, twenty years or longer. Some exclude rust and corrosion. Most don’t provide for shipping and handling, Freon, Freon recovery, labor, torch solder and miscellaneous materials. Warranties are no better than the weakest link in the service chain.
Our intention is to provide you with a general overview so that you may make a wise informed choice of what to look for in your warranty.

Our experience in processing warranties allows us to have unique understanding. Some are very good and some are down right poor depending on the manufacture and or distributor of the equipment,

Things we recommend for you to consider are:

  1. Is the dealer and equipment manufacture a solid and strong company? How long have they been in business and are they a name brand.
  2. Do they make and install a reliable quality system to reduce breakdowns?
  3. Will the warranty transfer to a new homeowner and will it be supported should something happen to my installing dealer.
  4. What do they cover (or what is not covered) and their track record for providing prompt, reliable repairs and parts for service.
  5. Are extended parts and labor warranties available for the seacoast? Will the warranty cover rust and corrosion?
  6. Is the dealer trained, skilled and has the proper tools to make a safe and reliable repair?
  7. Remember you usually get what you pay for applies. Look for lowest cost of ownership not initial cost.

What is not covered by most manufacturers? Fuses or tripped breakers, overtime, accessories, normal maintenance air filters, cleaning acts of God, flooding etc.
See specific manufacture warranty information for coverage details.

We do not deal with a middleman or distributor network. This type of solid network provides a shorter chain for Total Comfort to provide support with technical expertise and parts should the need arise.



Trane overview:

Trane Optional extended parts & labor warranties: Normal system coverage up to 10 years. Warranty covers most all cost should you have a breakdown during the warranty period.

This warranty will transfer from homeowner to homeowner and from dealer to dealer. These also cover rust and corrosion!



We can provide service and warranty support for: Carrier, Florida Heat Pump, Janatrol, GMC, Lennox, Heil, Tempstar, York and Luxair whether or not the system was purchased from Total Comfort.



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