Why Total Comfort

At Total Comfort Heating & Cooling, Inc. we take pride in being different than our competitors. Since 1985, Total Comfort has worked hard to earn the distinction of being a trusted source for all  your heating and air conditioning needs. This wasn’t an easy feat, and has been completed simply by going above and beyond to ensure customer satisfaction. While we set ourselves apart from the competition in many different ways, it can be seen best by looking at different areas described by three simple words- Done, Right, Guaranteed.


While every company should be able to get the job done, it’s how it’s done that gives us the edge.


Our installers, technicians and staff are highly trained on all aspects of installation, repair and maintenance of a wide range of products and equipment.


When we start a new project, whether it be to repair or replace, we are prepared with the right tools, parts and equipment to minimize your downtime and complete the job in a timely manner.


At Total Comfort, sound business practices are our top priority. For us, this includes appropriate licenses, insurance and liability coverage, and fulfill warranty obligations in a timely manner; all to ensure that the only thing you worry about is what temperature to set the thermostat


At Total Comfort, we take pride in doing the work right. We understand that how you feel, both in your home and about us as a company, is directly related to how the equipment is installed and the service we provide.

Right Technically.

Our installers and technicians have been stringently vetted to ensure their technical competency. Our industry is ever changing, and our staff is continually trained and evaluated to confirm they are developing their knowledge through continuing education to best serve you as the customer.

With the Right Parts.

At Total Comfort, we strictly adhere to manufactures recommendation on installation and service recommendation, utilizing authorized parts whenever possible to ensure the integrity of the equipment and ensuring it works as promised.

With the Right Licenses.

Our company is proud to hold licenses to complete heating and air conditioning in both residential and commercial applications and limited electrical. This is not the case with many of our competitors. Licenses recognize contractors for their ability to meet certain industry training standards and provide proof that they are allowed to do work in the area. If the work does not meet the state mechanical code, or has been completed without proper permits being pulled, the homeowner could be held responsible to make the necessary repairs to meet code, not to mention the risk which can be associated with hiring a non-licensed contractor. Whether we are afforded the opportunity to complete your work or not, we strongly recommend you pick a company which is fully licensed to complete the scope of your project.

Total Comfort Heating & Cooling, Inc. – NC License # 11332- H2, H3-Class 1

NC SP-PH 30105

With the Right Permits.

Where applicable, our company always pulls the appropriate permits for the scope of work being completed. While some contractors and homeowners don’t see the need in pulling a permit or will recommend not pulling a permit to help lower the price, we do not recommend cutting this corner as a way to lower your cost. Choosing to ignore the law can result in serious consequences including significant fines and risk associated with work not completed to the appropriate building code, including health and safety issues.

Right by You.

We as a company are committed to the utmost integrity and professional service. We only sell and install products that we believe in and would want to have in our own homes. We only recommend products that provide you with the best quality, reliability and longevity for you and your home. We “Precision Tailor” every system we install to strict standards, using our many years of experience and tools such as Wrightsoft-Heat Loss and Heat Gain home analysis to ensure the correct fit for your application. We strive to exceed our customer’s expectations. We welcome both your feedback and recommendations to improve our quality, we always look forward to your input!


We Stand Behind our Work.

At Total Comfort Heating and Cooling, we believe that all work should be performed like true craftsmen and as if we were doing the work for ourselves. Our workmanship is warranted for the life of your system, and the products we offer come with exceptional guarantees; all to protect your heating and air conditioning investment.

As stated before, Total Comfort is a company that is different, a difference you can feel. While it might be appealing when comparing the proposal of an unlicensed and uninsured contractor to one who has those credentials. In many cases, licensed and insured contractors charge more than those who haven’t earned the credentials or paid for the insurance protection, and this is no different than with our company. With any service and any contractor, take the time to review the quote completely, and ultimately choose a company you can trust, one that completes work the way we do-Done, Right, Guaranteed.

We try to look at it this way: if a contractor doesn’t follow the law (or good business practices) in being licensed and insured, where else is he or she cutting corners? If something goes wrong, who will ultimately be the one who is paying the price? You.

We hope this helps to explain why to choose us at Total Comfort Heating & Cooling, Inc. If we can ever be of any help, feel free to contact us at (252) 240-COOL or (252) 240-HEAT to further discuss any opportunities.